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What Is A Concrete Box Culvert?2017-02-10T23:20:07+00:00

precast concrete box culvertBox Culverts are four-sided structures, with open ends, and are manufactured out of prestressed concrete. Prestressed Concrete Box Culverts are used, typically, for managing and storing storm water.

What is Prestressed Concrete?2016-01-29T19:33:59+00:00

Prestressed concrete can sustain much higher tensile forces than conventional concrete and this is needed for application which have spans longer than can be achieved with conventional reinforced concrete. Steel tendons are subjected to tension and then concrete is cast around the tendons.When the concrete forms the tensile forces of the concrete is transferred to the steel tendons.

Why Use Precast Concrete Products?2016-01-29T19:34:18+00:00

Precast concrete is a cost effective and practical solution for commercial and residential concrete projects. It is cast into the products final form in a factory setting which permits a high degree of precision throughout the manufacturing process and continuity of quality. Precast concrete products can be as small as concert blocks and as large as bridge beams.